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Meet the Wiens


Pictured, Left to Right: Isabella, Joey, Lauren (Oldest Daughter), Blair, Boone, Allison, Travis (Son), Henry, Tom, Diana, Hannah (Youngest Daughter), Grant, Knox, Cade, Sarah (Middle Daughter)
Not Pictured:  Elin, Tucker, McCoy

The Wiens Ranch: A Legacy of Colorado Excellence


Nestled in the heart of Sedalia, Colorado, the Wiens Ranch stands as a testament to generations of hard work, stewardship, and a deep love for the land. For decades, the Wiens family has left an indelible mark on Colorado’s agricultural.

  1. A Family Tradition: The Wiens legacy spans five generations, with grandchildren now learning the art of stewardship. Their commitment to sustainable practices and humane cattle care sets them apart.

  2. Premium Beef, Ethical Practices: At Wiens Ranch, cattle are more than livestock—they’re family. Following Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) standards, the ranch ensures humane treatment. The result? WR Premium Beef, gracing tables across the Front Range.

  3. A Western Experience: The ranch’s red-rock-bordered hills host fundraisers, equestrian events, and corporate functions. Sunset trail rides and rustic barn gatherings evoke the spirit of the Old West.

  4. Sustainable Stewardship: Beyond cattle, Wiens Ranch yields high-protein hay for their horses. Regular rotation maximizes nutrition, harmonizing land, livestock, and legacy.

  5. Champion Cutting Horses: Wiens Ranch breeds and trains cutting horses with precision. These equines carry forward a lineage of champions, embodying the grit and partnership of the West.

As the sun sets over the Colorado plains, the Wiens family continues their timeless legacy—one that honors tradition, embraces progress, and nourishes the soul.

A Wiens Family Memory
Told by Tom Wiens

My dad, his 2 brothers, and my grandfather broke sod in eastern Colorado during the 1940s and planted and harvested thousands of acres of wheat. This led to expansion and other aspects of agriculture including the registered cattle business

My dad Joel was a custom combiner and later developed a significant anhydrous ammonia distribution business helping farmers bring nitrogen to their crops to increase yields. He developed one of the largest registered cattle herds in this part of the country with operations in Colorado and Western Nebraska. My mother Phyllis would recruit my brother and me to help name. Below is a picture of Mom and Dad with our 1977 World Champion Polled Herford Bull, "Mr. Beef"!


Dad and Mom, pictured 3rd & 4th from left, along with their partners from Montana’s Bear Tooth Ranch

Dad later made the decision to change our cattle operation to Black Angus and we still produce Angus Cattle today.


Wiens Ranch Black Angus Cattle

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