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Exceeding Industry Standards


WR Premium Beef

Humanely Raised

 We believe in providing the best possible care for our land and our cattle, from calving to finishing. We strive to be good stewards buy reducing stress, providing fresh water and cool mountain air, freedom of movement and rotation of pastures.

Cared For

We care about the health of our herd and we also care about the health of your family. We care for our cattle like they are part of our family. We check them every day and if they're sick or injured we take care of them. 

Pasture Raised

Our pastures not only produce grass for our cattle they produce rich nourishing high-protein hay for our horses. Our cattle have access to our pasture system and are moved on a planned rotation basis to maximize nutrition and sustainable production of our pastures through our proven method of raising cattle.

Growth Hormone Free

When you are committed to producing cattle of the quality we are committed to producing, you don’t even think about adding Growth Hormones, so we never give our cattle growth hormones.

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We are Beef Quality Assurance Certified and implement the best management practices to assure our cattle are raised with the most humane standards. We are proud members of the Colorado Cattlemen's Association.

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